June 2021 – Updates

Below are the list of updates made to the app building platform during the month of June 2021.

Bug Updates and Fixes

Here are the list of updates undertaken this month relating to bugs or display errors.

AdMob Settings

An update was made to the AdMob settings page following a change with Google AdMob requiring an additional parameter from our app building platform for the feature to be enabled. A new App ID parameter was added to the settings page for AdMob to account for this change.

APK Generation

Some user accounts were affected by an issue when having generated an APK file, they were unable to download their application package as it was returning a file not found error message.

Booking Form

When a description was added to the booking feature it was removing the booking form from view and when the description was removed the form displayed correctly again. This was fixed with a feature update.

The email sent out following a booking made using the booking form has now been updated and restructured.

Custom Page

When adding an attachment file of the same name in place of another file, for instance updating a file to a new version but keeping the same file name, it was not overwriting the old attachment file. An update was made so that each upload will now generate unique name for the file and correct the previous issue.

Buttons used within custom pages were displaying the icon and text in the center of the button. This was updated and now icons appear on the left followed by the text that is set to display on the button.

When italic font was being used on a custom page the app preview device was not rendering this text customisation and so an update was applied and this issue was resolved.

Image Gallery / Image Gallery Block within a Custom Page

When images were displayed in portrait and were large enough so that when scaled down for the device it would sometimes cover the description field across the bottom. An update was made to the image gallery block and in the gallery feature to correct this display issue.

Invite A Friend

The cover image within the invite a friend feature was distorted and this was fixed with an update to the feature.

Quiz Feature

There was an intermittent issue with some applications not displaying the quiz results correctly after a user had completed a quiz in an app. An update was made to the feature and corrected this issue. It was noted that some reports of this issue were that quizzes were not published.


Images for Topic categories asks for a landscape image and then uses a square image on the design. This display issue has been corrected in a feature update.


Images pulled through from the WooCommerce website were not always displaying within the confines of the set structure of the app and as a result were appearing out of proportion for some image dimensions used. An update was made to scale the images correctly in app.