Custom – Adding Albums And Tracks To Your Playlist

To add a custom track to your audio feature, click the custom option and in the popup, add in the url for the track you wish to add.

Note: This module requires the url to be in mp3 format, meaning it must end in .mp3 to work. Not all storage providers are able to do this, to allow streaming requests from third parties, and so the url you have may end in .mp3 but streaming is not possible because the storage platform does not allow this.

File storage features for this feature that work include Amazon S3Rackspace Cloud Files and your WordPress website where the file is stored.

We recommend that you use of Amazon S3 when looking to use this feature.

Add in an image for your playlist, the artist, and the album name if there is one, else use a custom titling for this addition, and then add in the details for each specific track using the options below.

When you have the audio track added by clicking the ok button, you can add another track by using the add track link underneath to add as many as you require to the playlist. Once done, you can click the save button to add this track to the audio feature.