User Management

Inside this training module we will look over the User Management feature inside the Whitelabel system.

User Roles
Push Access

The first of the two roles available in the whitelabel setup is the Push Access permission level.

This will allow the user to access the Push Notifications feature (for Android and iOS push notifications) from the Features menu tab.

This role also allows the user to access the PWA Push Sender item on the menu under Plugins and this will allow that user to send push notifications to users who have the PWA version of the application installed on their device.


The second role available in the whitelabel setup is the Manageer permission level.

This user role will have access to all features that have been added to the application by the main account holder and will have access to the Design, Color, Features, Application and Publication tabs on the side menu.

This user will also have the ability to send push notifications for Android and iOS inside the push notifications feature and will also have access the PWA Push Sender option under the Plugins menu tab. This user can also create a new PWA application version under the PWA Creator tab also found under plugins so that if they made an update to the app, they could publish a new version.

This user also has the ability to manage property listings if the property feature has been added and also has the ability to access and edit the appointment calendar if this has been added also.