Intro Slider

In this layout overview we’ll be taking a look at Intro Slider that you can find inside your app builder.

Here are the sections of this guide for quick reference.

Homepage Options
Layout Options
Previewing The Layout
Homepage Colors

Like with any other layout, you can choose to use this option from the layouts options panel by clicking the green change layout button from the homepage of the app builder when you are editing an app.

Homepage Options

This particular layout does not offer any homepage options.

Layout Options

There are a number of layout options within this layout template with many of them being repetitive just linking to a different slide so they control the same on page element just affecting a different slide.

Main Menu Layout
The 3 Slides Within This Layout Template
Slide 1 Options Panel
Slide 2 Options Panel
Slide 3 Options Panel
Restore Buttons
  • Number of Slides: 3 Fixed
  • Get Started Button is compulsory, Skip Button is optional
  • App Intro Slider shows once at first time visit only.
  • If you want to show slider again then click on Restore button and refresh page or reopen app.
  • When your slider and your app is ready then you can hide restore button so that app user only see slider once and then after next time, redirect to main layout.
Previewing The Layout

Here’s a quick look at the how the app looks with this layout.

Preview 1 – Buttons Hidden

Preview 2 – Buttons Visible

Preview 3 – Image Background

Homepage Colors

Please note that all color changes for the homepage are found under the main left menu, under Colors and then select the Homepage option.