Adding A Domain Name To CloudFlare

Once you have added your e-mail address and password, you’ll be prompted to add a domain name that you want to use within this account as shown in this image below.

Go ahead and add in the domain name that you have purchased earlier in this setup process.

You’ll then be asked to choose the CloudFlare plan that you would like to use for this account.

Below the paid plan options you will see the ability to choose the Get Started For Free plan option.

Select that option and click on the blue continue button at the bottom.

The CloudFlare system will then scan the domain to find any existing DNS records that may be in place for this domain.

If this is a new domain, you might find it just has a single item on it which will be what’s known as a parking record. This just lets a website visitor know that the domain is owned and is under the control of a particular domain registrar. So if you see a record there in your results, don’t panic it’s likely meant to be there.

When you are ready, you can click the blue button to continue.